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By Ted Hoover, Pittsburgh City Paper, October 26, 2011

    Once upon a time, Pittsburgh’s nightclub scene featured a number of venues where local performers created evenings of songs and sketches … while the audience sat ringside lapping up both the show and a martini.
    By the time I came along (in the late ’80s), there were only a few still working that corner. Don Brockett was the big name in the biz; Winnie Flynn was the queen of the North Hills; and John Holt had a recurring gig up on Mount Washington. But eventually, even that went away; Brockett passed on, Flynn moved out of town and Holt packed it in.

    But wait! There’s light on the horizon. After 17 years, Flynn has returned to Pittsburgh and, probably because she couldn’t not, she’s up to her old tricks.

    The inaugural outing is called Good Times, and it’s prototypical Winnie. Five performers and a two-piece band run through a program of existing as well as old songs with new lyrics and short skits written by La Flynn.

    The unifying theme is a spoofy look at life and love in Pittsburgh. To tell you the truth, the theme might have been a little too broad, since the material does tend to wander.
    But when Flynn hits the mark, she really hits it. I especially enjoyed a Sunset Boulevard parody entitled “Babcock Boulevard Suite.” There’s a version of Carmen set in Blawnox and, of course, Sister Winifred and the Little Sisters of the Port Authority are as enjoyable as always.
    As in years past, I’m left wishing Flynn wouldn’t be so damn nice all the time. The show does teeter between affectionate and corny, and a couple splashes of vinegar could add some structural tension.

    Fortunately, Flynn has re-enlisted her entertainment pros: Jeannie Wattras, Terry McGuire and Chuck Schu. Newcomers Sam Carmella and Matt Brown add to the fun, and I have to mention Billy Hepfinger’s glorious voice and the cast of crazies living up in his head who manage to escape, the yinzer optometrist being a particular favorite.

    So, Winnie, welcome home … you’ve been missed.

    Good Times continues through Sun., Oct. 30. The Legacy Theatre, 700 Cumberland Woods Drive, Allison Park. 412-394-3353 or


Good Times October 21 – 30, Legacy Theatre.

“Let them roll”

Doug Shanaberger, Washington Observer Reporter, October 26, 2011

    “If you’re not in the mood for a cast that is relentlessly upbeat, get over yourselves. We’re back!,” Winnie Flynn cheerfully cautioned the audience at Saturday night’s performance of “Good Times,” now playing at the Passavant Foundation Legacy Theatre in the North Hills.
    They’re back, they’re a sight for bloodshot eyes, and why, why, why aren’t they entertaining us a little while longer?
    My only complaint about this lively evening of Pittsburgh-inspired “spoofery,” Winnie’s first locally-staged effort as a writer/producer/director since 1994, is the fact that it closes this weekend, barely giving Winnie and co-players Jeannie Wattras, Terry McGuire, Sam Carmella and Bill Hepfinger enough on-stage hours to get comfortable before it’s time to clean out their dressing rooms.
    So enjoy “Good Times” for as long as it lasts in the Legacy Theatre’s brand new space.
    There’s oodles of original material to enjoy, highlights being the “Sunset Boulevard” story relocated to congested McKnight Road (a favorite Flynn target for dart-throwing back in the day), an appearance by Sister Winifred (imperiously armed with a clicker, of course), a Pittsburgh-ized rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and a delightfully lowbrow send-up of “Carmen” that transfers Bizet’s opera from the streets of exotic Seville to the bars of blue-collar Etna.
    One should also lift a hat to the show’s creator for the pleasantly schizo nature of her song choices. Where else, I ask you, would we ever find old gems by Irving Berlin, the Gershwins, Cole Porter and Stephen Sondheim sharing a program with Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” and Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars”?
    Pay a visit to for information about the rest of the Legacy Theatre engagement and for updates on what Winnie and the gang have up their sleeves for the future. They’re back. And they’re back for good.



    • “…Winnie Flynn…for many years the only woman around the Pittsburgh area who wrote, produced, directed and performed in musical comedy revues on the dinner theater circuit – giving her mighty male counterpart, Don Brockett, a run for his money. ..the Steel City will never again see anyone like her. Flynn lives in Ohio, now, but she’s coming back to Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate the opening of her annual Christmas show…. in the 11th floor auditorium of the downtown Kaufmann’s. The festive and Victorian-themed “An Old-Fashioned Christmas” reunites the virtuosa with her favorite comedy partner, John Roell, who is to Flynn what Tim Conway was to Carol Burnett: indispensable. They were a popular team in the shows that Flynn & Co. presented for more than a decade at the Holiday Inn on McKnight Road.”   Doug Shannaberger, Washington Observer Reporter



    • “Pittsburgh is about to lose one of its leading creative forces. Those of us who have enjoyed her work for years will miss her.” Ed Blank, Pittsburgh Tribune Review
    • “Western Pennsylvania entertainment took a blow to the stomach this week when Winnie Flynn announced she was ending her long run. Flynn’s shows were popular, entertaining and accessible. Flynn is also one of the best comedy writers in town – quite possibly the best. It won’t be the same without her twice yearly revues.”   Terry Hazlett, Washington Observer Reporter
    • “Mc Knight Road will be a bit darker without her star. While it is truly sad to see Winnie Flynn move on, she is going out with pizzazz and class. Thanks for all those wonderful memories.” Father Peter Horton Pittsburgh Catholic
    • “Winnie Flynn is leaving. Too Bad! Her revues were witty and musically strong. Maybe she can get the state assembly to sing in harmony!”  David Sallinger, Mc Keesport Daily News
    • “… the wise and wisecracking Winnie Flynn… the reigning Duchess of dizzy comedy and one of the finest entertainers in the Pittsburgh area will be leaving soon. I miss her already.” Doug Shannaberger, Washington Observer Reporter.

    It’s a Date ’94 October – December 1994 Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Butler Pa 1995

    • “The area’s most topical and tuneful revue.” Michele Pilecki, Editor, Pittsburgh Magazine.
    • “..Surefire enjoyment. One of the best shows Flynn has ever put together.” Pittsburgh Catholic.
    • “….A soufflé of skits and songs…fast and fun…the material is clever without ever being labored.” Ed Blank, Tribune Review
    • “She’s the mistress of suburban satire.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “…Pittsburgh’s First Lady of Dinner Theatre.”  North Hill’s News Record
    • “..She’s the greatest pomposity deflator we have and no one in Pittsburgh ridicules more playfully than she does.”  Doug Shannaberger, Butler Eagle
    • “…An instant crowd pleaser…” Terry Hazlett, Washington Observer Reporter

    Life’s a Beach April – June 1994 Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh

    • “…A HOWL!!…No one does it better than Winnie Flynn and Company.” Donna Seiling, Gateway Press
    • “Satire at its best. Winnie is the Uncrowned Queen of Elegant Irreverence. I loved the entire show!” Doug Shannaberger, Eagle.
    • “..Bright polished and altogether endearing. (Flynn’s) musical selections are impeccable.” Ed Blank, Pittsburgh Tribune Review
    • “One of the tightest (shows)….I leave wishing that Flynn (nobody’s fool) would risk alienating her always entertained audience and let loose some of the bile I am positive must be stored up behind her dazzling smile. She’s an endearing performer and it’s safe to assume she knows more about the genre that I.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh

    Up the Wall, October- December 1993 Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh & Butler PA

    • “…the formula for fun…hit and run comedy.”  Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    • “The show is never less than bright, perky and tuneful, with some of the bits even hitting the high note of comic genius…and Flynn herself provides more unflagging charm and style than anyone in the business.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “…wickedly funny Flynn!” Joel Roetman, Jewish Chronicle.

    On the Road Again April-June 1993 Holiday Inn North Hills

    • “A rip-along, glittering collection of eclectic talent, good sound and lots of lights which produce a high speed revue. It seems to occasionally slow down and that’s to let the audience breathe.” Pip Theodor, WDUQ
    • “Winnie Flynn puts the bite in her traditional revue…she does nearly the unimaginable…bring in fields of reference hardly touched in the past…Flynn can bite when she chooses.” Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    • “slick and professional…. the cast appealing and talented and Flynn as always smooth and hugely entertaining. Winnie herself is the perfect hostess, slightly wry, always eager to please.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “Classic snips of Flynn humor….It’s the witty, charming vignettes that bring the greatest applause…appeals to many generations…”  Linda Schmitmeyer, North Journal
    • “Wonderful, full of energy Winnie Flynn opened her new show in the filled-to-the-rafters Grand Ballroom. …a stellar cast.”  Jim Richardson, SEEN column, Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
    • “decidedly well rounded…something delicious for every entertainment taste and the glue that holds it together is Flynn and her comic touches and lyrics.” Joel Roteman, Jewish Chronicle.

    Fifty-Fifty ’92 October-December 1992 Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh & Butler PA

    • “..rates a perfect score. (Winnie Flynn) is our local First Lady of musical comedy. There is no place in town that offers such comic insights into our city. The show abounds with laughter, charm and true wisdom.”  Father Peter Horton, Pittsburgh Catholic.
    • “I leave once again praising Flynn’s intelligence, taste and professionalism…a patented formula for pleasing people.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “Four Star rating!….. No sane person would have thought of it…but this is a Flynn production and sanity, thank heavens, has nothing to do with it. Once again Flynn has come up with another show with something for everyone and, amazingly, once again leaves no one disappointed.” Terry Hazlett, Washington Observer Reporter.
    • “She’s at it again…she writes, casts, directs, choreographs and appears in these shows and makes it look easy. The audiences love it….they explode with laughter.” Alice Carter, North Hills News Record.


    Whatever it Takes April -June 1992 Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh

    • “A hilarious hit!…funny, flippant, four-star lampoon of life in the 90’s” Donna Seiling, North Journal
    • “Flynn continues her reign as the North Hills’ Renaissance woman…consistently sells out to rooms of obviously satisfied customers.” Alice Carter, North Hills News Record.
    • “Miss Winnie handles her audience like a favorite cat. Nearly all the time it rolls over and purrs. They just love Winnie and what she writes and presents…. She is a winner and disciples, her apostles, go out into the world spreading the good word.” Pip Theodor,  WDUQ


    Here Today, Gone to Pittsburgh, October-December 1991 Holiday Inn, Pgh & Butler PA

    • Critics Choice: Pittsburgh Press 11-17-91  “Once again Winnie Flynn has put together a musical revue sure to tickle your funny bone.”
    • “The joy of a Flynn show is that there’s so much happening at rapid-fire pace, that you and your staid grandmother can have fun…a serious dose of fun and frivolity.” Michele Pilecki, SRO Magazine.
    • “If the duties of a satirist include making us laugh at life’s absurdities, then the protean talents of Winnie Flynn come through triumphantly. There is more perfection in Ms. Flynn’s new show that in the city she affectionately kids.” Doug Shannaberger, Butler/Cranberry Eagle.
    • “Ms. Flynn, the melodious maven of musical revues, is at it again. As always the work is exceedingly professional, the writing consistently clever.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “Flynn scores…a joy to watch.” Donna Seiling, North Journal
    • “Hilarious sight gags…a visual delight.” Terry Hazlett ,Washington Observer Reporter

    And the Winner Is April – June 1991  Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh

    • “Winnie Flynn is to life what Maureen Mc Govern is to disaster movies. The Titanic may be sinking but you can be sure at least one passenger is doing the time step on the way down… a smile on my face and a song in my heart…Flynn’s at her best.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “And the winner is Winnie Flynn. I’m not sure there was ever a contest. Here is a woman who loves to be on stage, enjoying the spoofs and songs as much as the audience. She has every right to be proud.” Terry Hazlett, Washington Observer Reporter.

    SIDEKICKS October 1990- January 1991  Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh & Butler PA

    • Opening night of 25th anniversary revue: Name to the top ten list of “exciting events in the Northern area for 1990.”  North Hills News Record
    • “There are few revues  in Western Pennsylvania as consistently pleasant. Sidekicks is one of her better efforts.” Terry Hazlett, Washington Observer Reporter
    • ‘Winnie Flynn gets better with every musical revue.” Alice Carter, North Hills News Record
    • ‘Sidekicks marks the silver anniversary…leaves you wanting more, perhaps even another 25 shows. The evening is a wonderful, magical blend of comedy and good music. Winnie Flynn is a Pittsburgh entertainment treasure.” Father Peter Horton, Pittsburgh Catholic.

    I Gave at the Office.  April-June 1990 Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh.

    • “There is obviously a reason that Flynn has been packing them in for all these years. And this show, her 24th , is a perfect example of why. …by far the cleanest, most sharply written of all of her productions.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “…One of the most exuberant revues yet.” Doug Shannaberger, Cranberry Journal Review
    • “You’ll love all 24 numbers…clean…crisp…take the boss-you’ll get a raise. I’ll bet on it!”  Pip Theodor, WDUQ theater critic
    • “It’s amazing…Flynn touches all musical bases. Her comedy is the tie that binds them together.” Terry Hazlett, Washington Observer Reporter.
    • “…..Justifiably, it’s packing them in”  Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    • “Another winner…a marvelous evening of musical comedy” Father Peter Horton, Pittsburgh    Catholic

    The Big Apple Revue October -December 1989 Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh & Butler PA

    • “There are three things you can count on in this world: the time, the tide and Winnie Flynn. And not for nothing has she been packing in the crowds. Her shows are smooth, breezy and always highly professional crowd pleasers.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “What’s most to enjoy in the characteristic Flynn tone, a blend of wide-eyed optimism and understated irony…light and airy…fast on its feet…has its wits about it.”  Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    • “ a cornucopia of delights…a crowd pleaser…though Winnie Flynn salutes those things which make NYC the Big Apple, she shows herself to be one of those classy institutions which makes Pittsburgh “Someplace Special.”  Father Peter Horton, Pittsburgh Catholic
    • “ This is a fun show!” Michael Winks, Pittsburgh Press
    • “From the opening number to the close, the Big Apple is a delight, with nary a soft spot. This is one of Flynn’s finest efforts and shouldn’t be missed.” Joel Roteman, Jewish Chronicle.



    Down the Tube- Again! Spring 1989  Holiday Inn Pittsburgh

    • “..with this show Flynn has suddenly established herself as one of Pittsburgh’s best writers.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh
    • “this is Flynn’s 22nd revue…she knows her craft…there but for the grace of God goes a creative success at  a Madison Avenue ad factory.” Chris  Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    • “Miss Flynn, whose cup of humor runneth over, provides an excellent evening of surprising speed, novelty and clean, mind-pinching fun.” Pip Theodor, WDUQ theater critic
    • “Laughs at breakneck speed…Winnie Flynn proves herself a master of writing, producing and performing. A sheer manic delight from beginning to end.” Father Peter Horton, Pittsburgh Catholic.
    • “The writing is crisp, the delivery is well timed…at times much funnier than television.” Terry Hazlett, Washington Observer-Reporter
    • “The final test of revue, however, is audience enjoyment and, by that standard, “Down the Tube” is a success…Winnie Flynn keeps packing them in!”  Alice Carter, North Hills News Record

    It’s a Date ’88 October 1988-January 1989 Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh & Butler PA

    • Named to the Top Ten List of 1988  Washington Observer Reporter, Washington PA
    • Winnie Flynn named to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Top Cabaret Performer List
    • “…a joy to watch and one of the best of her recent efforts…highly spirited, fun evening mounted by a cast that obviously loves what its doing and whose enthusiasm can rub off on even the most jaded cynic.” Mike Kalina, Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
    • “As usual it is Flynn’s original material that makes the show click…a gleeful look at calendar dates…Flynn’s forte is topical wit which is surprisingly G-rated” Joel Roetman, Jewish Chronicle
    • “After seeing three of your productions I am ready to worship at my own personal ‘Winnieshrine”…a charming and talented cast…the simple joy you and your co-stars find in performing washes over the audience.” Ted Hoover, In Pittsburgh Newsweekly
    • “A perfect evening of quality entertainment… Her creative genius is evident in every skit, all of which succeed with fine style and quick pacing. Fast, fun and impressive.  Winnie Flynn is indeed one enchanting ‘date.’  Father Peter Horton, Pittsburgh Catholic.


    Best of Times April 1988-June 1988, Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh

    • “upbeat…bright, innovative comedy…delightful is the word that best describes Miss Flynn’s ‘Sister Winifred- the Original Clerical Error”…the Best of Times Zooms!”  Joel Roetman, The Jewish Chronicle.
    • “Warm and Witty….Winnie Flynn is a marvel at creating new lyrics for old standards…a solid cast…a clever and tuneful revue…fast paced…one of the best shows..” Father Peter Horton, Pittsburgh Catholic.


    Buy Buy Luv October 1987-January 1988, Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh & Butler PA

    • “Winnie Flynn…a sure bet…a bright and lively mind capable of high wit and low pun…a genial host.” Chris Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette.


    Love, Pittsburgh Style October 1986-January 1987  Holiday Inn and Butler Pa

    • “clever, good fun, fast moving and professionally smooth…sold out!!” Martha Clem, Butler Eagle


    Hollywood in Revue April-June 1986  Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh.

    • “One of the quietest success stories in Pittsburgh entertainment is Winnie Flynn in the North Hills. She doesn’t need that much noise. Twice a year the word is sent out to a mailing list that she will stage another show. Before it even opens, the run is almost sold out…..the best moments are Flynn originals.” George Anderson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette


    Who Loves Ya Baby? October 1985-January 1986  Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh & Butler PA

    • “clean, family fun…just lightly spiced…a lively show, varied and fast moving…the costumes were colorful and clever. Winnie Flynn and her group delighted the Butler audience.” Martha Clem, Butler Eagle. Butler Pa.


    Down the Tube April- June 1985 Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh

    (sold out- not reviewed)

    Whoops, Fall 1985, Holiday Inn, Pittsburgh and Butler PA

    (sold out- not reviewed)


    Taking Care of Business, April-June 1984 Sheraton North Hotel, Pittsburgh

    • “..sold out four weeks before opening….business is great…held over.” North Hills News Record


    I Remember Marriage Oct 1983-Jan 1984, Sheraton North Hotel, Pittsburgh & Butler, PA

    • “Laughs were loud and clear….multi-talented Miss Flynn takes part in one hilarious monologue…another pleasant night out with the charming members of Miss Flynn’s stock company.” Lenny Litman, Pittsburgh Press


    Take Five April-June 1983, Sheraton North Hotel Pittsburgh.

    • “..a pleasant excursion into show business….the high Flynn production standard is maintained. The show closer is a rouser” Lenny Litman, Pittsburgh Press


    Movers and Shakers March-May 1983 Sheraton North Hotel, Pittsburgh.

    • “Original and refreshing…everything works…fun all the way…a riot!”  Lenny Litman, Pittsburgh Press

    Sparkle City October-December 1982  Sheraton Hotel North, Pgh & Butler, PA.

    • “One of the most sparkling shows to be mounted here this year…brimming with satire and a lot of talent. After seeing this delightful show it’s apparent that the multitalented Winnie Flynn may be one of the best “undiscovered” producers inn Western Pennsylvania.”  Mike Kalina, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    • “(the) revue sparkles….The fall cabaret season is off to a smiling start.” Lenny Litman, Pittsburgh Press

    Totally Hot July August 1982  Sheraton North Hotel, Pittsburgh, North Hills.

    • “a delightful musical revue…light local comedy and song treasures.” Lenny Litman, Pittsburgh Press.

    Second Bananas July 1981, Minutello’s Dinner Theater, Pittsburgh

    • “..a fun filled evening by 12 talented professionals. Mrs. Flynn took many bows with her original “Never Gonna Love Again” and “Second Hand Rose”…(her) comedy lines are sharp.”   Lenny Litman, Pittsburgh Press


    Pizzazz May 1981, Minutello’s Dinner Theater, Pittsburgh.

    • “top quality local performers under the guidance and control of a talented professional…no soft spots in the show…everything gallops along…outstanding solo spots: Winnie Flynn in “Nowadays.”  Lenny Litman, Pittsburgh Press